'This is a very impressive and down to earth solo performance. '
'A captivating script with a very special performance.'
'Caroline Nash's compelling performance draws you in immediately and has you captivated for the duration. Nash delights as Diane.'
'As Diane, Caroline Nash was truly engaging; never once did you wish for another actor to appear or a melodramatic turn. Her performance was never overplayed and she quickly developed an emotional reality for the character; believable in every sense. - Helen Crutcher - Redbrick Online
'Nash soars in a performance of schizophrenic rhythms.'


.'the three actors create a genuine sense of ensemble and care' - Rod Dungate,


Directed with pace by Janice Connolly, 'Invisible' features strong performances from its leads Alison Belbin and Caroline Nash, whose relationship is both believable and poignant.

Caroline Nash as Rachel the call centre team leader plays a blinder here. - Lichfield Live ****

 Caroline Nash and Oli Leonard are perfectly suited to the roles and play off each other with an extremely believable edge. Nash moves from being a deliberately irritating person, constantly upbeat seemingly at all times, and eventually develops onto one that you latter greatly enjoy the company of. It is a really enjoyable performance. - A Small Mind At The Theatre ****

 The two dimensional figures that greeted us at the start have become real people by the end as we see the gradual changes in their characters cleverly created by Nash and Leonard - a couple of years of life distilled into 100 minutes. - Behind The Arras ****

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  7. Oli Leonard
  8. Steve Dimmer as Sid James
  9. Caroline Nash as Joan Sims
  10. Caroline Nash as Joan Sims